Wrapping up the movie experience…

This is a blog that centers on various movie reviews. I consider myself a film addict, drawn to the irresistible magic that movies create. Most of the reviews I will write will involve ending the movie experience by reviewing movies I go to see in the theaters, thus remaining current and relevant. Occasionally, I may review an older film that I see for the first time, but the main thing you can expect to see is reviews of current movies. I try to see most films opening weekend so I can bring you a fast and honest review that will help you decide whether to see it or not! Hop on board! Follow me, and I’ll do my best to suggest what films you should and, sadly, shouldn’t see! I’ll research, decide, watch, deconstruct and wrap up the movie experience with a review! Above all, I will do this without spoiling the film for you. I look forward to embarking on this cinematic journey with you! Don’t forget to check to see what is coming by checking out the countdown at the bottom of the page!

And…that’s a wrap! 


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