The Impossible: You Will Cry

the-impossible-posterEvery once and awhile there is a film released that doesn’t necessarily receive as much advertising and hype as other movies. That being the case I had never heard about The Impossible until a week or so ago when a friend of mine on Twitter raved about how awesome this movie was. The moment I found out that Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts was in it, I was sold. And then I found out that this movie tells the story of a family caught in the tragic 2004 tsunami. Furthermore, I read that it was a true story. I watched the trailer (click the link to watch it) and I was moved. I had to see this film.

I have never seen a film more emotional than this one.

Director Juan Antonio Bayona did an incredible job of making a movie that effectively captures the tragedy and emotion of the horrible tsunami—respectively. The movie does not waste time getting to the tragic event and similarly, it doesn’t spend a lot of time on the actual tsunami. This movie is strictly about how a family is torn apart by the tsunami and how they survived.

The way it was filmed, along with the effects, placed the audience inside the movie. The sounds, sights, and raw emotion of this movie took me out of the theater and immersed me inside of the film. Consequently, I cannot lie when I say that this movie was incredibly emotional…which did result in tears. As I see it, there is no shame in that. When you watch it, knowing full well that it is a true story, it makes all the difference in the world. This happened. As I watched it, I simply could not even begin to imagine what it must have been like for these people. I will point out, however, the blood and wounds are hard to digest at times. It is very brutal, but in a realistic sense. There is a shot of a piece of flesh literally hanging off of a limb at one point. Just be warned that it is graphic, but you would have to expect that in a film like this.

The performances of Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor are simply amazing (as expected). Alongside of these stars, the children in the movienaomi performed impressively too. This movie was well acted and accomplished strong development.

This is a movie that everybody should see. It is one of the best movies I have seen in my life. It is one of those films that make you look at life in a new way and makes you grateful for the loved ones you have. You never know when an unexpected event will happen that will test the strength of family. This family certainly didn’t expect such terror to enter their lives on December 26th, 2004. But it did. The title of this movie could not be more fitting, as you will also watch it and think, “This is impossible. How did this even happen?”

Go see it. That’s my suggestion. You will cry, or at least tear up—multiple times. It is simply impossible to sit through this film with dry eyes (no pun intended). I can’t say a negative thing about this film. It is incredible. It is amazing. It is well done. And it is extremely powerful. And if this film does not move you, you are a robot.

This movie receives 10/10 boxes of tissues from me. Go see it.


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Gangster Squad: Nothing Special

GangsterI will not deny that I had high hopes for Gangster Squad. I consider Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone two of my favorite actors. Ryan Gosling has never disappointed me in any of his movies, and Emma Stone is simply amazing. Naturally, I was sold on this movie the moment I heard they were both in it. Sadly, the movie did not live up to my expectations.

It had a great cast, and I loved how the film immersed the viewer into the time period, but the development was poor. One of the main things I look for in a movie is a sense of connectivity to the characters on the screen. I want strong character development. If a movie can’t do that, I am disappointed. This was one such film. When a character dies in a movie and I am not moved, that is a sure sign of poor development. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone did well with what they had. I actually find them flawless in the movie. Their characters, however, sucked.

The story was not too bad. It was a fun gangster movie, but it didn’t really bring anything new to the playing field. At some parts it felt gimmicky, and other parts just seemed off. Even some of the dialogue I found poor and cringe-worthy. I didn’t like this move as much as I would have liked to. I still enjoyed it. I don’t think it is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I simply wish that it had developed its characters more and that it was a little darker. The film was not as dark or noir as expected. The ending was even pretty lame.

In my honest opinion, save your money. I do not suggest going to the theaters to watch this. Wait until it comes out on DVD/BluRay! It is not a bad movie, as I’ve said, but it isn’t worth the big bucks! Trust me, I wanted to like this film more. However, I just couldn’t. Oh well! Not every movie I see will be awesome!

Therefore, I give this film 4 out of 10 gangsters. When a film executes horrible character development, like this one did, I can’t enjoy it.

Final thought: I’m still a huge fan of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Love them. Why aren’t they dating in real life? C’mon, guys!

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They should make babies...

They should make babies…

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